Very young kittens are extremely fragile and finding experienced foster homes for very young orphans is incredibly difficult. The SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties has developed to Kitten Warrior Program to ensure volunteers receive adequate training and support to help the shelter with its greatest need, neo-natal kittens. Once trained, fosters will be able to care for kittens in their home. Fostering is of utmost importance as it allows the most vulnerable pets to be cared for outside of the shelter and in a home environment.  Once volunteers are trained to care for our most vulnerable pets, they may foster other SPCA pets as needed.

Kitten Warrior training is held annually at SPCA. For more information contact

Newborn fostering can last anywhere from two to seven weeks.  Kittens and puppies must be returned to the shelter at a certain age for shots & deworming.  When the kittens or puppies are old enough for adoption, please call or e-mail us to make arrangements.

To become a foster parent, please complete a foster application and return it to our office.  Our Foster Care Coordinator will contact you to arrange a home visit to assist you in setting up your home for your first foster project.  Once approved, the shelter will contact you as needed for assistance, and you can start helping us save lives!