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Kitten Warrior Foster Program

Kitten Warrior Foster Program

Very young kittens are extremely fragile, and finding experienced foster home for very young orphans is incredibly difficult. WASPCA launched the Kitten Warrior Foster Program in 2018 to ensure well-trained, and well-supported fosters were available to meet this need. Fostering is of utmost importance as it allows the most vulnerable pets to be cared for outside of the dangerous shelter environment.

The goal of the Kitten Warrior program is to recruit, train, and retain a foster force to provide temporary care and housing to neonates and pregnant kitties. With a strong foster force, neonatal kittens will receive adequate care and socialization. Having a strong and educated group of Kitten Warriors also serves to reduce staff fatigue and burn-out, which is common for those working in animal welfare. Of course, the greatest benefit is that more lives will be saved.

Complete the online Foster Parent application below or download an application here. Downloaded applications can be emailed to operationsmanager@winchesterspca.org or dropped off at the Admission Center located at 115 Featherbed Lane. 

Are you over 18 years of age?(Required)
Have you ever been convicted of a charge of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment?(Required)
Are all members of your household agreeable to fostering?(Required)
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(Neonatal kittens until weaned should not be left alone unsupervised for more than 3 hours)
Are you willing to administer medications (pills or liquid)?(Required)
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Are you able to keep your pets separate from foster pets?(Required)
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Would you be willing to be listed as one of our “Emergency Fosters” should an animal come to the shelter unexpectedly, with no immediate foster home available?(Required)
If so what types of animals would you be able to house?(Required)