Enriching lives & ending pet homelessness

Pets for Life
Pet Retention Program

Pets for life is a full-service pet retention program. Our goal is to keep people and pets together and to keep loved pets out of the overcrowded shelter system. Access to our pet food pantry and emergency financial assistance for pet-related issues are available to pet owners in Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties as funds allow. No pet should be separated from a family who loves them due to financial circumstances alone.

What to do if you need assistance:

If you find yourself in a financial hardship and need assistance for your pets, contact the SPCA’s Community Services Manager. We will have you come into the Winchester Area SPCA for a brief meeting and to fill out a Pets for Life form, to help us identify you and your pet’s needs.

The Community Service Manager is available Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm

Services Offered (as funds allow):

Pet Food Pantry
Temporary medical assistance for pet-related issues
Pet Security Deposits
Pet Boarding

Other Resources to help you and your pets:

These organization may also be able to provide financial assistance or medical services for your pets at a lower cost.

Helping Hands

1605 Rhoadmiller Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: (804) 355-3500
Fax: (804) 355-3009

A Fighting Chance Foundation

(434) 989-6336

St. Seton’s Orphaned Animals

Care Credit

Call or visit the website to apply
(800) 677-0718