Pets for Life ~ Pet Retention Program

In 2019, the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties developed a new long-range plan. One of the key components to come out of the plan was a desire to expand the SPCA’s Pet Food Pantry to a full-fledged pet retention program. The ASPCA and all other reputable animal welfare programs recognize that pet retention is the future of animal welfare and every effort should be made to keep loved pets in their home and out of the overcrowded shelter system. The very best pet retention programs in the country assist pet owners with a variety of financial needs from veterinary care to temporary boarding to behavioral training.


Due to COVID19, the SPCA worked to fast track this portion of the long-range plan to ensure that policies are in place as the medical crisis wraps up and we are potentially left with a financial crisis and an overcrowded shelter due to financial need alone. In March of 2020, the SPCA’s Pets for Life program began delivering pet food to pet owners in need in Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke counties in Virginia. Deliveries are made Monday-Friday each afternoon. The SPCA also developed a Pets for Life application and protocol that will allow the agency to assist pet owners with a variety of financial needs as funds allow. The agency and their Community Services Coordinator are dedicated to this new program and will continually apply for grant funding and host targeted fundraisers to ensure the Pets for Life program is fully funded.