The SPCA keeps records of animals reported as lost. When new animals are brought in the lost records are cross referenced and potential matches are notified. If you have lost a pet, contact the SPCA with a description. If you have a picture or flyer, you may e-mail it or bring to the SPCA during business hours to place with your lost pet ad. We request if you find your animal that you notify us by email or phone.

Tips for creating an effective lost pet flier include:

  • A large, color photo of your pet
  • The date and location your pet was lost
  • A description of your pet gender, breed, and any unique identifying characteristics
  • Your name & contact information, including area code on phone numbers

Also, check the following Lost & Found databases and pages:


Reclaiming your pet

Should your lost pet arrive at the SPCA, you may reclaim him or her by providing the following:

  • A valid rabies certificate
  • A valid driver’s license or state-issued ID
  • Any impoundment fees

If you do not have a valid rabies certificate, you will need to prove ownership of your animal with photos or vet records. Animal control will check to see that you have obtained a rabies vaccination for your pet.