Our Mission:

The SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties strives to strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard animals in transition.

To fulfill our mission, we will follow these Guiding Principles:

• We will practice compassion for animal caregivers. 
• We will be a progressive community-based animal intervention and education center.
• We will be an interactive center employing non-traditional means to involve the community.

To honor our mission and our guiding principles we have created the following program goals:

1. Continue to provide safe temporary shelter for animals in transition and maintain the distinction of being a no kill facility.

2. Develop and maintain lifesaving programs to increase the SPCA’s impact on the community.

3. Develop and maintain programs to monitor and improve the SPCA’s customer service provision and community perception.

4. Develop and maintain policies that reflect best practices in both human resources and animal shelter operating procedures.

5. Develop and maintain a financial plan that ensures resources are available to support the mission, vision, guiding principles, and program goals of the SPCA.

Founded in 1907, the Winchester SPCA supports the residents of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke County and the area’s homeless and owned pets in a variety of ways.

In late 2017, we launched the “It’s a new day at the SPCA” campaign. Traditionally, the SPCA  provided services to the pets and people within the Winchester City limits. Through the ‘New Day’ campaign, we developed a plan to expand services to ensure we make a positive impact on the pets and people of Frederick and Clarke Counties and beyond.

The SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke has an Admissions Center at 115 Featherbed Lane in Winchester, VA. The Admissions Center houses the most vulnerable pets in our care. They are the lost, and injured, and ill, they stay in admissions until they are happy, healthy, and ready for a adoption. As space allows, the SPCA accepts pets from owners who have no other choice but to surrender their pets. We provide those pets safety during their transition and help them to find a new home.

The SPCA campus expanded in 2014 to include the location at 111 Featherbed Ln. Winchester, VA. This is the home of our Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center. Our Adoption Center showcases adoptable pets in a bright, friendly environment that is a destination for families seeking a new pet or information on humane animal care. The center also allows us to offer classes to the community to enhance the human-animal bond.

The Winchester SPCA cares for nearly 1,500 animals each year with a dedicated staff of around 20 employees and 50 volunteers.

Created to off-set costs of shelter animal care, the Winchester SPCA Thrift Shop converts community donations to operating funds to support our life-saving work.  The thrift store operates with 10 employees and a wonderful force of volunteers.