Facts You Should Know As A Cat Owner

Owning a cat isn’t just purrs and warm cuddles…ok, it’s about 95% of it and that’s why we LOVE cats. But, being a responsible cat owner requires knowledge of your furry loved one’s daily habits. Understanding your pets needs for the basics (food, sleep, shelter) is the just the beginning to being a great pet owner nevertheless, they are important steps. Once you’ve adopted your new furry feline, watch them and observe their habits so you can give them the best care for their specific needs. Learn what makes them unique, what they like and don’t like, and their own personality. You will find there are some common factors in the cat realm that can help you determine the best eating and sleeping schedules as well as what atmosphere they will thrive in.

As shared on AnimalPlanet.com‘s Petco Fact Generator, did you know….

“Most cats eat 7 to 20 small meals a day and ┬áprefer their food at room temperature.”

“Cats sleep 16 hours of any given day.”

“Cats can pick up on your tone of voice, so sweet-talking to your cat has more of an impact than you think.”

Consider the time and attention are able to give if you are considering adopting a cat. There are plenty ready, from young to old that need good, loving homes but know your facts to be prepared as a cat owner.

Facts You Should Know As A Cat Owner