Benefits Dogs May Have On Your Health

We all know how fun, cute and cuddly dogs can be and how much joy we get out of our furry friends. But, did you know they can actually be beneficial to your health in so many ways? Dogs are used for therapy, special needs services, health detection, physical work loads and more. When properly trained, a dog can learn it’s duties and act accordingly while also enjoying the purpose they are fulfilling. Dogs love to feel wanted and needed. They enjoy having a sense of responsibility, whether it’s your families “watch dog” or saving lives! The diverse uses we have for dogs from our loving pets to co-workers is truly amazing!

When it comes to health benefits, we found some interesting facts on

Did you know….

“Dogs can be beneficial additions to the lives of children with Autism. Trained dogs can lessen the child’s tendency of aggressiveness and give them a sense of independence.”

“A typical dog has the same brain aptitude level as a toddler. Dogs can comprehend about 250 words and count up to 5”

“Some dogs can identify the smell of lung cancer from sniffing a person’s breath.”

“Feeling a big anxious? Studies indicate that petting your dog can lower your blood pressure.”

These trained abilities don’t have to be learned from a young age. Dogs, at all ages, are capable of learning a specific behavior that could help a human in need! Consider adoption. There are plenty of smart and able dogs looking for a loving home and a purpose to fulfill.

benefits dogs may have on your health