7 Autumn Health Tips for Dogs & Cats

You may notice seasonal changes in your pet and that’s perfectly normal. The more important thing is to note those changes in your dog and/or cat and be aware of them as their typical pattern for the time of year. Along with individual habits there are environmental surroundings to keep an eye on for your pets safety. If you’ve recently adopted your new pet there are few generalized habits and items to watch for as we navigate through the autumn months. In a recent article¬†7 Autumn Health Tips for Dogs & Cats they covered some helpful tips for pet owners.

1. An increased need for food as the summer heat lessens up?

2. School and home project supplies pose risks to curious pets.

3. An apple a day?

4. Fall is a prime season for mushrooms.

5. Snakebite season is here.

6. The fall season brings highly caloric foods and drinks that don’t end with the Halloween candy bowl.

7. Consider adding pumpkin to your pet’s diet if you are looking for a healthy nutritious seasonal treat.

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