Why Vaccinating your Pet is Important

Much like with human vaccinations, we can look at the common topic of why vaccinating your pet is important. It can be a controversial topic for some but, it’s an important step in proper healthcare for your furry loved ones! Please do the research, educate yourself, ask us for any helpful resources, and call your local vet for advice. As responsible pet owners, we need to do what’s best to care for our pets.

Plaza Pet Clinic here in Winchester, VA recently shared an article explaining “Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet” 


They started with 4 keys points:

  • Vaccinations are the key weapon against viral and bacterial infections in pets worldwide.
  • Millions of dog & cats worldwide have been saved through vaccines.
  • Vaccines are safe and well-tolerated by most dogs & cats.
  • Vaccines help your pet live a longer, healthier & happier life!

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