Dressing Up Your Pets

While dressing up your pet might be a favorite past time, it needs to be enjoyable for both parties. If your pet loves the attention and feeling they get while wearing that adorable cowboy outfit or prancing around with the cutest hat on their head then go for it! As we approach Halloween it’s all too tempting when we see the funny characters and endless possibilities we can dress our pets up in, after all Halloween isn’t just for kids, right?! Consider yourself lucky if your pet jumps on the band wagon when you pull out your favorite costume.

On the other end, if you aren’t sure if your pet is liking this “dress-up” time then maybe you should find another activity to love them up with. Watch for the signs of them being stressed about the situation.



For Dogs:

  • Do they run and hide?
  • Do they lower their head, ears, or tuck their tail?
  • Do they start to yawn alot when you are trying to get the costume on?
  • Are they frantically licking you or anything around them?
  • If you finally get it on, do they roll around, or try anything to get it off?
  • Do they bark or howl at the costume or while wearing it?
  • Do they start to pant heavily?
  • Would they rather play tug with it than wear it?

These are all common signs that your dog is uncomfortable with the “torture” you are putting them through. Know your dogs “warning” signs. Although they may be a good sport and allow you to put them through it, they simply aren’t enjoying it and it’s not a pleasant feeling for them. It’s not fair to put force them to do it, just to please you, because they will.

There are similar actions you can watch in Cats:

  • Do they run and hide?
  • Do they become limp and not cooperative when it’s time to get dressed?
  • Are they clawing and biting at you?
  • Do they act like they can’t walk or do an awkward “high-step” when the costume is on?
  • Does their breathing become faster?
  • Do they meow in stress?

If you and your pet are all geared up for Halloween, check out the popular pet costumes for this season!