A Cat’s Kneading Behavior

Some love it, some don’t. As cat owners we have all experienced their “need to knead”. It can be a calming notion but it can also be a stressful habit to try and break if it becomes a nuisance. AAHA.org shared an interesting article “Your Cat’s Need to Knead”, stating; “the kneading behavior begins early in life, while kittens are nursing. As kittens knead their mother’s mammary glands, oxytocin is released, causing milk to flow. Animal experts believe other reasons cats knead might include:”

  • To show affection
  • To mark territory: Cats have scent glands between their toes on their front paws
  • Separated from mother too early
  • Normal behavior of a female cat going into heat

As the relationship with your cat grows you’ll learn the reasons behind your cats kneading. You may find solutions for the action or note that it’s simply what they need to do to calm themselves. If your cats act of kneading isn’t harmful or bothersome to either one of you then knead away! However, if you find these actions need more attention you can continue reading for possible, gentle solutions. www.aaha.org 

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