Benefits of Adopting a Pet

When you start to consider the idea of bringing a new pet into your home, adoption is one of the many option you have to think about. There are so many benefits to adoption, most importantly you are saving a life. 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. The SPCA gives you a first hand pick to some of these amazing animals. Many of the animals in shelters are there due to human problems or changes, not due to something the animal has done. Adoption is a excellent way to prevent and fight back against puppy mills. Buying from a online shelter, pet store or even flea market can almost guarantee your support of a puppy mill. There are so many cute, well trained pets waiting for adoption. A well trained pet can help you with some of the costs of  new pet ownership. Along with savings that come from adoption like spay / neuter, vaccinations and even micro chipping, can sometimes be all included in the adaption price. These along with so many other reason are why adoption is such an important platform to consider when thinking about meeting your newest family member.

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